Hello, my name is Chris Parsons and

I am a Web Developer & Designer

I love creating modern web applications using WordPress

My works

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My Services

Sometimes we add content here that tells a story. Or introduces an idea that we elaborate on below.

Your Web Design

Sometimes we use plain texts called Lorem ipsum. This is what it looks like:

Custom Development

I offer customized web development from the front end (You are looking at it).

Logo Design

We offer a complete design and development process. From your stationary branding to t-shirts, decals.


Your website is like a seed in the beginning. Like a seed, it needs watering to groww.


Design is less to do with what looks good and more to do with what allows the vistor to understand.


Your brand should be recognizable on hats, shirts, decals.

About you

Your unique selling proposition. Why you are who you are and where you are going.


We work with professional photographers who deliver spectacular imagery.


We love music. We listen to Rock, Soul, Pop. We listened to The 1975 a lot while developing this theme.


I don't beleive in ghosts, but I'm open to suggestions. I love to here your stories.


I like what happens when you just know. This is it. Let's do this.


Heard you found somebody else. I hate to think about you with somebody else. You should be loving someone. I took all my things. We are just gonna keep doing this. You should be loving someone.