I am based out of Sisters Oregon.

I am Chris Parsons.

I am a professional full-time website designer & developer. I specialize in the “full stack” of web development skills.

My strongest talent is in saving you money.

I am strongest at web development. I excel in adapting and developing with your existing website. Web design is how a website looks, and it’s conceptual operation. I work with a designer who creates beautiful designs. My job is to build or “develop” the machinery that makes your website perform and deliver the best visitor experience.

Of course, I can create a brand new website. But anyone can do that. All too often the existing website is familiar, has existing strong points, and actually provides a favorable visitor experience. Replacing it is a step backward. Often the result of a developer who is not quite experienced enough with web development.

Rather than tear down the existing website, I’d rather improve it and in doing that, achieve or even exceed the performance gains the new concept is projected to accomplish at a fraction of the cost.

Over the past two decades, I have had the fortune of working for accomplished Search Engine specialists like Search Engine Journal, Raven Tools to name a couple. People who are commissioned with the task of providing tools for driving traffic to a website and elevating the website prominence in search results. I learned a ton working with these organizations. I never imagined I would actually work in the SEO field, but how times have changed. It’s close, but I really do enjoy the SEO process and it’s a close second to my enjoyment of web development.

Most importantly and really, the entire reason you build or have a website is to gain leads, produce sales, and generate income. That is the culmination of any project I am involved with. That is my purpose as a developer. Great looking websites are common. Any developer can make a good-looking website. Not everyone can build a website that will produce a return on your investment. I promise to do that and if I can’t, I will show you why.

And if you don’t have a website, you are in safe hands. We can build anything. From eCommerce to a news release-based site, community outreach, or personal blog. I have done it all and gladly continue to produce cutting-edge applications.

I am familiar with most popular CMS frameworks:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • ClassicPress

I am skilled at theme development as well as plugin development.

I enjoy building with Gatsby.js for its rapid deployment capabilities and performance.

I am excellent at working with WooCommerce in addition to extending its capabilities.