I love helping existing sites improve. My job is to save you money by revamping that old site.

I develop websites and the applications that make them perform. Over the years my work has been with other agencies as a remote contractor. I split my time between working as a fly fishing guide for The Fly Shop and developing websites when I wasn’t on the river. Anyway, my heart was here, online. Today, I am back at it after spending time away, developing full time. I love to build applications, interface with API’s, solve problems, and work with businesses helping you be your best on the web and offline in the production world. My belief is the web application should serve your daily tasks, generate interaction and sales. It it’s not doing that, the system is broken. I am good at breaking down the steps to how your site can perform, and occasionally why you don’t need a website at all!

steelbridge command center

In the past, I found my work either through crowdsourcing or word of mouth. I still enjoy working with other web professionals because I feel that’s my biggest strength, however, I’m very good working one-on-one with a client, delivering a performance driven web solution.

Yes, I build websites! I have used WordPress as a tool to help create websites or to port data to an existing site that should not be converted to a WordPress head. Craft CMS is another tool I enjoy working with.

I am very good at working with any website old or new. I’m really good at building custom features into an existing website. My websites are easy to use, easy to manage. Fast and secure. From defining a solution that meets your goals, then producing a design that looks great across all devices, I build your application/website to your approved design and ideas exactly. Most importantly, I go the distance insuring that the design and development procedure will yield as site that does more than just sit online occupying digital space.

If you’ve hit a roadblock with your website, or all you know is your website isn’t doing what you need it to do, talk to me. Contact me.