I love the work of managing a server. Of building the pathways to information. There is something about the obscurity of database and server-level development that compliments my already obscure personality and lifestyle. Eclectic? Yes.. but we all have layers that make up the wonderfully complicated people we are. But I digress.

Parsons Hosting offers a refined hosting environment. It’s fast, intuitive. Comes with great support and all the insight you need to create your best website from a blog to e-commerce.

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I have room for 500 people. Let’s do this!

Parsons Hosting
Log-In Screen where you access your website dashboard.

ParsonsHosting is brand new. The brain-child of PH started about a year ago as I became aware that people simply want to do web development themselves. And the tools are available to do just that. I envisioned simply offering all those tools with support, which I love to provide, for an annual fee (or monthly, quarterly). 

I love to help people, but when I’m working on a project, like building a website or an application, I can’t really be there for all but the project. So ParsonsHosting or PH, allows me the opportunity, with some external momentum, to develop the company culture I dream of being a part of.

What happens is my clients, customers are my advertising. Google doesn’t advertise that they are a great search engine. They just perform. I like how Google releases a feature or solution and it’s word of mouth that spreads the value. Google is like “Here you go. This is for you. It will work awesome.”

Google is like “Here you go. This is for you. It will work awesome.”


I hope you consider working with me, soon to become us. PH has my name on it because I just couldn’t come up with anything else. It’s plain and sounds neutral. But as we grow, the culture and service we provide will be creative, fresh, and innovative. Why? Because I love the web. I love technology. I love to see people’s lives improve because I helped in some way using my gift and that’s interfacing with technology.

In a way, PH is my effort to do what I want. Selfish in a way. I want to fix problems in the online world. For you. I want to be involved in that process and I need infrastructure to allow me to go about my day, making yours better in some way, and learning as I go. Once I can’t do that anymore then I will move on to the next venue.

“Hope we get to meet in front of a dashboard.”


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