Website Access Form

Hi, In order for me to work on your website, I just need a couple things from you.

1. A username & password for the WordPress login page. Looks like this :

2. Access to your hosting account so I can create an SSH/FTP access that allows me to efficiently update/add files of your website.

I may also need the login address of your hosting account. If you are with a common hosting company like GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost... etc, They all offer account access on their respective home pages.

The form below allows you to easily supply credentials that allow me access.

All usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

Please verify in advance that your credentials validate with your website and hosting company in order to avoid delays 🙂
  • This would be the URL to the website I will work on.
  • Does your website have a unique log-in URL? Please provide that url here. Most WordPress websites have a log-in address that looks like this ->
    If your sites URL looks different, please provide. :-).

  • WordPress Credentials

    Keep in mind, you have the option to create a new User in WordPress. Should you decide to provide me with a dedicated user/pass word, make sure a role of Admin is assigned.
  • Please verify these credentials work. Thank you! 🙂

  • Hosting Company

    Below, you can provide a username and password so I can login to your hosting service and create an SSH or FTP access. Purpose? So I can update/add files in your website directory.
  • Please verify these credentials work 🙂 Thank you!